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Hey Im Yamato Ishida but you can call me Matt. Music is a hobby to me now, I am kinda alone in the world now. I will survive. Ask me whatever

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Need to be Needed || Yamato&Amber


All she felt was shame. Ashamed of herself, her actions as of late, hell, her entire lovelife was shameful. The longest relationship she had lasted only a few months, all the others were weeks long. Was it her fault?

Of course it was. Who else could it have been?

Her head hung as she made it to his door. Her eyes were red, she was ever so slightly thinner than before (which certainly wasn’t healthy given she was a bit underweight as it was), a bit paler, and definitely sleepless. 

Her hand trembled as she brought it up to the door, knocking a few times before letting it uselessly fall back down to her side, then bringing it back into her pockets.

She wasn’t sure how she’d be able to look at him in his eyes again in such a state, after being warned by him, and everyone else. This was such a pathetic attempt to make herself feel wanted.

As she heard the door unlock, she glanced up, seeing him appear from behind the door. She quickly moved her gaze back down to the floor. She had no intention of crying, yet her eyes burned. 

"Hi." She muttered, to hear no response. Everything was telling her to leave. Don’t bother him with this. Turn around, and leave.

"Nii-san," Her words became more struggled, more forced. Possibly because of the way she tried to choke back tears. She knew there was no point of trying to hide her pain— and her tears, for that matter— from him. He had known her since she was a toddler nearly. He knew all of her quirks, her habits, good or bad, what ticked her off, her mannerisms, and more importantly, when she was upset. 

But even she had some pride to spare.

"Can I stay here for a while?" She had already put the care of her dog in the hands of her mother and the brothers who currently lived with her, so she wouldn’t have to worry about him. 

She still couldn’t look up to him. Especially since she felt the warm flow of tears staining her face once again.


Yamato had been just sitting at home by himself- playing with his pokemon friends. Things were so quiet and peaceful. Then he heard the sound of the door being knocked. He sat up and thought for a moment. That was odd, he wasn’t expecting anyone. Shrugging his shoulders, he got up to answer the door. 

The moment he saw her his heart sank. It was Amber… but not the Amber he knew and loved. She looked so pale and thin. Her eyes were red and puffy. A tell tale sign that she had been crying a lot. It didnt take much to figure out that Amber was upset„ He guessed it was about Ken. 

His first instinct was to tell her he told her so. He would say that he knew he was no good. However that would have been cold… even for him. She didn’t need that. All she needed now was a loving embrace not a cocky blonde who knew what was best for her. Instead he just took her in his arms and hugged her. He wouldnt let her go. 

" Of course imouto-chan. Take as long as you need” 


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yamato-san + ichijouji-kun

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The Doctor thought for a moment.  ”What else can you tell me about him?” the Doctor asked as he lead the way back into the TARDIS, “Given some parameters to work off of, I might be able to find him.  Since we have already gotten into this digital world, the ride to him shouldn’t be as bumpy or long.  If you just tell me a bit more about him, I should be able to find him and take us to him.”

Yamato scratched his chin. ” Its so hard to explain. He kinda has a lot of other counterparts… He isnt quite human or quite data… its so complicated. ” Honestly he didnt know much about Gennai at all All he knew was that he was like a constant prescence in the digital world. 

"Perhaps he is both?" the Doctor suggested, "I doubt there’s any other creatures that are part human, part data, so if we put in a search for someone who is both, we’ll probably find him."

The Doctor put in the search parameters.  He found one occupant of the planet they were on that matched.  The Doctor smiled.  ”Found him,” and put it in the coordinates and pulled a lever to take off.

Yamato nodded. ” Thats the general theory. Guess that could work.” Yamato was a little sceptic to say the least but nothing about the Doctor surprised him at all. 

It came to no surprise that he heard that the Doctor has found Gennai. That TARDIS could do anything. ” Ok lets go and meet him” 

The Doctor smiled and pulled down the lever to take off.  The ride was not as bumpy as their way into the digital world, but still a bit bumpier than usual.  Eventually, they landed.  ”He should be right outside,” the Doctor stated.

Yamato nodded and opened the door of the TARDIS. Sure enough they had landed in the middle of Gennai’s house. well residence would be more accurate. 

Gennai looked at Yamato with curiosity. ” Ishida-san What are you doing here? Who is your friend?” He asked looking at the Doctor. 

"Hello, I’m the Doctor.  We are here to return these devices." the Doctor told the other man and motioned for Yamato to show him the devices and take care of the problem at hand, since he still didn’t quite fully understand what was going on.

Yamato nodded and gave Gennai the digivices. Gennai looked surprised as he was handed the devices. ” Where on Earth did you get these? “ 

Yamato told him the short version of the story. Gennai nodded and put them away. ” I dont know how they got to Earth but Im glad you found them, They could be dangerous in the wrong hands. Thank you Yamato and the Doctor,” 

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A friendly reconnection



Yamato just rolled his eyes. Typical Taichi always assuming stuff about him. He saw the grin and knew he was joking.  ” For your information, I haven’t had a girlfriend for ages. I thought you would be the one for that”  He chuckled. ” Sure we can go to mine. It’s not like I have anything to do” 

"Pft," Taichi near laughed through his nose, "Let’s not forget all the valentine’s that girls would push onto me to deliver to you. Mr. Casanova here without a girlfriend. Uh huh, suuuure." He stuck his tongue out as he walked in stride. If he wasn’t allowed to make fun of Yamato about this stuff then he might as be in prison, "Alright you go ahead and lead the way," He lightly punched Yamato on the shoulder still in mid grin. 

Yamato rolled his eyes again. He wasn’t pleased with Taichi;s mocking, He knew the Brunette meant no harm, still Taichi’s teasing sometimes got on his nerves. Well maybe two can play at this game. ” Ok Ok Taichi Well I am sure the king of soccor has a lot more fangirls than me. I mean look at you with your tight butt and hips . Girls fawn over that stuff more then a girly rockstar like me” He grinned ” Bet the girls wanna get your shorts off eh?” 

He smiled a little at his poke at Taichi. He punched Taichi back when the brunette hit him on the arm. 

Just sending some love to all my closest tumblr friends

I hope you had a great day. If not, well, here’s a hug to make it better. And even if you did have a great day, here’s a hug anyway!

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hugs back

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Just dropping by to hand out free hugs! I know I did this recently, but I don’t think everyone I sent them to, actually received them!

Plus I figure even if you did receive this, free hugs are still nice.  I hope you are having an awesome day!

Thank you!! * hugs back*

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Just sending out hugs to all my favorite blogs and roleplayers!

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